Social Media Marketing

Not sure how you're going to make time to update your website, Twitter, Facebook, and Linked In page? Not sure how you're going to find your target demographics on the crucial social media networks? Worse yet, not sure if you really need to?

Let me save you some time. You need to be marketing on social media. Period. Though that may sound foreign, that's the present day equivalent to the argument from some business owners five years ago that said "We don't need a website." Really?

However, needing to market on social media and needing to bring on full-time staff or neglect your other tasks in business are two very different things. Enter System X Designs. With our customizable solutions, we can build your site so that you can manage the content, and have that content automatically publish itself at a pre-determined time. Furthermore, we can set it up so that when your article publishes on your site it will automatically add a teaser and a link to your social media networks. Every time. No more spending hours on fresh content that you know you need but don't have time for. No more spending precious time logging into different social media outlets to add the same link to each one.

Have a special that starts Friday at noon and runs until Sunday night at 11:59? You'll be able to add a banner to your page with your coupon code or promotion that will automatically publish itself Friday at noon, send the link to your social media networks, and then automatically remove itself Sunday night at 11:59.

Have a weekly update that goes out every Friday, but hate having to remember them each week? Write them all at one time and schedule their publish times accordingly. Then walk away and take care of your business! Let us work with you on how you can best utilize social media networks so that you Return On Investment will make you kick yourself for not having done it before. Remember, if you're not on social media, your competitor is.