Who is my target client?

When introducing a new innovative product to your clients, you must begin by asking an important question, "Who needs my product?" or "Who is my target audience?" Providing an accurate answer can be frustrating, especially when the innovation provides a solution to a problem that your target audience might not even know exists. Accurately identifying your target audience and providing an avenue to disseminate the product can be a delicate and a tricky process.

Once a new product has been identified, it's natural to want to spread the word to the largest possible audience; however, trying to reach too large of an audience, who has no interest or desire in your product, can lead to wasted money and time. To avoid wasting your valuable resources, identifying and analyzing your target market using the latest account based marketing best practices is a critical step in market analysis.

So who is my target market?

Creating a client profile will help you answer this question. A client profile is a list of traits that reside in a potential client. For instance, NIMBLE [is], a marketing support application which helps organizations manage and implement marketing campaigns, would have a client profile that consisted of franchisors and franchisees who contend with marketing spreadsheets daily, among other factors. By identifying this group, NIMBLE [is] would be able to create an effective message that would speak directly to this specific audience.

Once you have finally identified this target audience, you want to continually learn about them through primary and secondary research. Although you should shape your message based on this profile, as time goes on, you need to reassess this customer profile to make sure you are continually reaching the right audience effectively.